miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2008

Derechos y Protección en el nuevo mundo del trabajo

Con el título "Rights and protection in the new world of work" la Fundación Marco Biaggi, Universidad de Modena, Italia, convoca para los días 16 al 19 de Marzo:

  • Rethinking labour law and industrial relations in an interdiscliplinary and comparative perspective.
  • Rights and protection in the new world of work: presentations and discussion
  • Temporary employment contracts and self-employment: developments, regulatory models and trends
  • Towards common principles of flexicurity?

  • Non-standard employment: new problems, old forms of protection?

  • Protection on the market: employment services, training, safety-net measures, social capital

  • Theory and practice of industrial relations

  • Work in an age of transition. En este tema presentaremos la poencia:

Hector Lucena, Universidad De Carabobo
Labor in Transitional Times. The Labour on Political Changes in an Oil Economy

  • Modernisation, liberalisation, codification
  • PhD Conference (preliminary programme)


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